Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bill Bondsmen self titled single

Got this one in from a 4 piece out of Detroit, The Bill Bondsmen, looks like they pressed this one up themselves complete with hand screened covers of that creepy woodcut face on a glossy white sleeve. They've got a heavy rock, sort of hardcore sound and aren't afraid of a little creepy synth sound to make it's way into their own decrepit apocalyptic future.

A-Side's "Overcrowded Control" is taking me back to the Pigface sound and all the late 90's industrial kind of stuff I had cassettes and cassettes of. Space echo on the guitar, giving it that little bit of machine, anti-guitar sound, the melodies here are actually fairly grooving, this bassline is all over the place. Kind of classic rock metal guitars, the number of effects piled up makes for this weird combination of punk industrial rock, or it's the massively distorted vocal that's constantly yelling... aggro as hell. Can you tie this directly to the shell of a city itself? Maybe, it sure makes a hell of a lot of sense.

It's sort of working in this post industrial way, while being fairly rocking, there's some serious instrumentation going on sounding like the kind of free skronk jazz of Z's...soemthing with a lot of training involved...maybe right on the edge of that envelope and can't be accused of ripping anything else off in the last 10 years. Slick production on this one, Adam Cox knows what he's doing in separating this thing out in the two channels. Sort of not a lot of rhythm to grasp on too, it keeps changing... especially when you think its over, they come back and hit you over the head again.

"Untitled" on the B-side has plenty of fading in feedback and a slow bassline groove. The high squeal got trapped and a synth comes out to warble around. A snare comes wandering in out of the fog, you better get ready for more angst. A Phaser is revving up. This thing isn't stopping....the whole track wrapped around this swishy sound. Nice groovy distortion this time comes up with a pretty classic riff. The vocal are seriously destroying everyhting in the rest of the path, layered and pushed as loud as possible. It's a harsh life, full of loud sounds, when they take a minute it's really just unfair. Make it hazy, you don't want to hear everything. It's better this way.

Get this one from Dead Beat Records, or there's more where that came from on Acme, including a full length.

Preview below:

Bill Bondsmen- Overcrowded Control 7”. New Bill Bondsmen single here self released by the band. Bill Bondsmen remind me a lot of Career Suicide in approach. This Motor City foursome approach hardcore in a way that draws on a KBD style of roots punk and fuses it with an early American sounding style of hardcore. The result is a sound that borrows the musicality of punk with the fiery-ness of hardcore. On this EP I hear the Bondsmen going for the energy of Reagan Youth with the vocals and chops of Poison Idea. Another winner from this Detriot band. 7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WITH HAND SILK SCREENED COVERS. NO TWO LOOK ALIKE SO THE COLOR SCHEME ON THE ONE YOU RECIEVE MAY LOOK DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE IN THE PIC.

Or from the band themselves:
$5ppd (cash or money order made to CASH)
Bill Bondsmen
15106 Paris
Detroit, MI 48101

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