Friday, February 1, 2013

Buffalo Tooth on Archers Guild Records

Greg contacted me a while back about his band, Buffalo Tooth out of San Francisco, who happened to have recorded with Matthew Melton. I think that's what originally caught my eye when going through the singles I wanted to make sure to get to this week. After the Adam Widener single from last year and Matt's own Bare Wires stuff.... of course and Warm Soda? (I missed that splatter edition-have to go catch them live) Everything he's involved with has been amazing in one way or another and it goes without saying that this single is joining the gang. Not that he wasn't starting out working with exceptionally sludgy homage material from Buffalo Tooth who sound hell bent on a thunderous classic rock sound.

A-side's "Only Son" has that garage hot peak of hissy cymbal crashes with vocals taking you way back to the late '60s. Feel the warm burning tube amps your sitting on, the flared pants, these three dudes HAVE to be from the west coast (Good guess - ed) and are thriving in that southern skids, heavy ass stoner sound. Still, they can pack this into two minutes? Completey nuts, pushing all this beef into such a tiny bun. That heavy cavern echo on the mellow sound is a perfect mix. Man I wonder how much of this texture is a matter of turning the right dials... this has all the classic reworking feeling of Hot lunch or The Enthusiaststs. This list of heavy stoner rock sound ranks keeps growing. Weaving the licks around one another this thing changes from chugging muscle car speed right down the that slow doobie burn. L.I.V.I.N. Clear purveyors and afficianados of this metal biker blazing CA sound and they are killing it for 2013....what year?! That's still crazy.

"Head Trip" comes out with a ringing electric piled with huge reverb twang... all alone in that concrete room until bursting out a little bit Seattle, the heavier semi-soundgarden sound but thats just because I have no idea where these actual historical references are rooted, I don't go back to digging through the crates of '60s fuzz very often. All sideburns, huge moustaches and long hair, these guys arent going to hold it against me. This freaking sounds massive, three dudes cobble together a huge racket of thick sludge a-la Hawkwind. This one more loose and with some gaps, but you can hear that spring reverb in there keeping this on the garage side of things. Super groovey...sounding exactly like Matthew looked standing next to that old school yamaha bike in a leather bad ass.

Also I'm just wondering who has to practically their pants completely off to piss against a wall? Just whip it out!

Black vinyl from Archers Guild..pick it up at the bandcamp page...not too many left...

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