Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trash Talk - book + single on Dovecote Records

Heard about this crazy photography book and previously unreleased single from Trash Talk, a hardcore punk band out of California. You've got to have a pretty massive fan base or serious venture capitalists to be able to release something like this. I like books, I like to read or even just look at pictures while a tiny record this is a perfect match. It's almost like you're looking at the photos from the show that's on the record. That's what I'm going to pretend. This is fast and tough, growly metal vocals, and they're on the new Odd Future label, so this is going to be pushing some limits. This thing is a certainly pushing the limits of a retail price single.

Trash Talk Release Photo Book with an Unreleased Track
400+ page book with 7" available now from Dovecote Records

Dovecote Records has teamed up with West Coast hardcore outfit Trash Talk to release Book 2, which contains 400+ pages of photography by the band, along with Adam Rossiter, Mikal Howard, Brick Stowell, Nick Sethi, Ross Farrar, and Nickfit.

The book, which is available direct to fans only, also includes an exclusive 7" single featuring an unreleased track.

It is available now and can be ordered at www.TRASHTALKHC.COM and www.DOVECOTERECORDS.COM

A Set from Shea Stadium:

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