Friday, February 8, 2013

Interview with Sam from Alarm Clock Revolution

A while back I got a single from Sam and his label Alarm Clock Revolution...a split with his own band, Dormlife and Dr. Manhattan. We exchanged emails and some records and I finally nailed him down for an interview to talk about the origins of the label, his early recording experiences in numerous bands including "Dorm Life" and how a benefit bike tour for an all ages space in CA was a huge inspiration for the label. For Sam it's always been about handshakes and getting a second (or third) job to put out another release. It's the inspiring thing I love about true indie labels; documenting their own scene outside of any usual channels and releasing artists they have a personal stake in. Sam is currently involved in editing Dormlife's videos and working on a hundred new music projects including a gospel album in upstate NY with his wife and new baby.

Tracks from the Alarm Clock Family on the interview include, "Why Wander off" from Unique Chique, "Tri-Fecta" from Colossal (On the ACR compilation), g'NiGhT g'NiGhT "Chinese Checkers", and finally Dormlife's "Weak Sauce" from the split single available on their site.

For any of this music, head over to the Dormlife bigcartel or get a hold of Sam at Alarmclockrevolution (at), and download this interview as an MP3 here.

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