Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another self released single from the Desaparecidos

It's official, the Desaparecidos (it still takes me five minutes to make sure I spelled their name right) are back with new tracks and a tour, coming to Asbury Park, NJ on the 15th. This single is the second one to appear on their site, also self released...haven't had a chance to hear it yet. I guess I'm worried to have my perfect memories of Read Music, Speak Spanish messed with, but everything has to change and evolve I guess. All the bands from your A single is the perfect place to it weird that it's streaming at Rolling Stone? I'm trying not to think about it. The minefield of political punk...

We're pleased to announce "Anonymous" and "The Left is Right," the second set of new recordings from Desaparecidos since the band reunited last year. The double a-side single is available as an instant digital download and a seven-inch single.
Please note the following:
All seven-inch orders are pre-orders. This is important. We expect the seven-inches to ship six to eight weeks from today (February 7th). Please make sure that your shipping address will be your shipping address in April as well!
We will send an email out in mid-March with an updated shipping date estimate. An instant MP3 (320kbps) download is included with every seven-inch preorder. "Anonymous/The Left is Right" is a self-released item, and our webstore is the only place in the world to get it. Quantities are limited, and once the product is sold out, it's sold out forever. Placing a pre-order is the only way to ensure you get a copy! We will not be selling Anonymous/The Left is Right on tour.

Get it direct from the band site. Listen over here.

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