Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kishi Bashi on Joyful Noise Recordings

Hey, quick note about this insane release by Kishi Bashi on Joyful Noise, I don't know where I've been, but they've put out some impressive box sets and collections I'm just finding out about since I subscribed to that flexi disc series with Rob Crow, Sufjan, Hella, Sea and Cake...MELVINS! Not to mention the Don Cab live album I picked up, which is amazing. What the hell? Then on ebay the other day I see this sebadoh flexi from JN with unreleased tracks??!!! How long has this series been going on? What kind of pathetic 7inches site an I running? If I see that ad for the beyonce doc one more time I'm going to kill myself!

Oh happy day: Kishi Bashi has just announced the release of three elaborate 7" singles via Joyful Noise Recordings! Each of the three releases features a single from Kishi Bashi's acclaimed debut album 151a, as well as an unreleased orchestral cover song on Side B. The Side A singles "Manchester", "Bright Whites", and "It All Began With A Burst" are paired with re-imagined orchestral quartet covers of ELO, Talking Heads, and Beirut.

The vinyl itself features a unique 2-color splatter design, with a different color combination for each 7" record (Purple & Orange Vinyl, Clear & White Vinyl, Blue & Bone White Vinyl, respectively). Additionally, the cover art for each 7" correspond to each other - forming a complete triptych landscape image when all three are placed side by side.

The first 500 copies are sold as a three-part box set, including all three 7"s in a custom-built wooden frame. Each Box Set is individually hand-numbered out of just 500 copies, and is personally signed by Kishi Bashi.

Pre-Order for the Box Set is now available for $45. Purchase includes an instant MP3 Download of all songs, including the orchestral cover songs which are ONLY available with purchase of the vinyl. Individual 7"s are also available for $7 each.

I have never heard of these guys, but I am going to look into them when Joyful Noise loves them this much.

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