Friday, February 15, 2013

PIE split series on Out of Sound Records

Adam from Out of Sound Records let me know about a four way split they just put out. #2 in an ongoing split series showcasing some incredible talent from up north, a place very underrepresented on this site I have to say. No thanks to the US postal service...but Adam has put together a perfect reason for the split single, 4 bands I've never heard of, right up my alley of loud, post punk math with a duo or two thrown in for good measure.

Bleet kicks this off with "Feno Barbitol"... full of crazy bass lines, super dirty, recorded on another level... then this track gets chopped right into the food processor in a fit of ultra technical post rock on lots of speed. Racing through scales, perched together on the edge of a cliff ready to tumble over, a crazy burst of instrumental awesomeness.
Wild Domestic does "Old Water Sports"...a slow electric melody buildS alongside pounding drums and this is squarely post rock, heavier and spaced out a little more, taking the time to repeat and build on the last measure. Taking drastic turns but not the technical workout of those guys in Bleet but still all about the Chicago equations and this goes right along with Canyons of Static by the way, who I recommend to anyone into any one of these guys (I just talked to Ross for a future podcast). They really speed things up to get 4 tracks on this single but then again that makes sense in this Precise Math Age, why weren't there more of these bursts of complexity in the hey day of this avant rock stuff. Glad to hear it, I can go wayyyy down this road once I come across an inspiring impetus like this. They pack plenty of changes into this brief half a side but don't go over the top with distortion or droning sustain, it's tight with an almost surf reverb to this... Oh Don Cab I miss you too. I'm coming.

B-Side's WTCHS starts off with "Future Fires" and a thick live rehearsal room sound at least in the vocals and damaged drums. Super lo-fi with the instruments all recorded separately in this punk way that keeps things clean's layers of hiss and junk, like the crashing cymbals (which could be machine they come off with such a pile of hiss) but it's carefully captured, not all blown out afer the fact. Hardcore sounding, yelling vocals in a dark way, getting great feedback squeals, a lot like Lync grew up but still has that slight experimental edge, a female vocal comes in like Divorce, a great combination of sounds and she's working in this far off distanced place, giving it all harmony. I love the mathy section at the end, guitar loops unwinding...just for a second though.
Next up, I Smell Blood "Nick Workman's 5 best features" which is a heavy scuzz guitar and bashing drums. Technical... almost fret tapping out the buzzy notes, there's a big effects chain wired up to this, a lot like Lightning Bolt or Japanther, change up the melodies in a classic heavy rock way and then go metal and post rock all over the place...this is a damn fine single with amazing examples of a whole fucking sound that I thought was being completely ignored. Bring it back.

Get it from Out if Sound Records. I hear they're running low.

Of course there's higher causes going on behind the scenes in association with this record including:

This record was silkscreened by the Arctic based, Inuit Silkscreen program run by the Out of Sound Rezonance Program. The Out of Sound Rezonance Program is an initiative to raise what all the hearts of aboriginal youth can imagine possible. We aim to provide hands-on professional development for artistically and business oriented youth. Through paid internships, guided by a knowledgeable professional, Out of Sound Rezonance hires and trains youth in culturally appropriate ways to develop their creative abilities and entrepreneurial skills through community outreach programs, while also focusing on the development of their capacity to work independently, organize, become leaders, improve self-esteem, and foster the love of art.

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