Saturday, April 13, 2013

45 subscription from Numero Uno

I only recently found out about Numero Uno because I have to follow all news about the great Unwound. They are reissuing their entire catalog remastered etc. I would have given them everything I own to help make this happen. I entertained an idea once of having all the live shows I have archived cut as a boxed 12" lathe vinyl (it still sounds good), just for myself (it seems selfish). But actual releases of things I haven't ever heard? Dammit! Of course I'd rather do that and support those guys and the people making this happen. But this is turning into an Unwound post and what I really wanted to do was mention that Numero Uno has this 45 subscription series of funk and soul stuff that has to be interesting...and it comes in that amazing case, which I think they will sell you separately for all your unwound lathe cut 7"'s. Or maybe that's just me.

The Eccentric Soul 45 subscription guarantees two 45s every other month, delivered directly to your door. Content will be a mix of previously unissued material and straight-up rare-as-all-get-out 45s from the soul diaspora. All singles are housed in a glorious duotone sleeve and slide perfectly into the Numero 45 box for easy storage. We're even tossing in the subscriber-only bonus 45 from the CD and LP subscriptions. The first three singles are as follows:
ES-030 Signs Of The Times "Hurts So Bad" b/w "I Think Of You"
ES-031 Notations "That Girl" b/w "I'm For Real"
ES-032 James Dockery "My Faith In You Is All Gone" b/w "Giving You The Love You Need"

Attention: International Customers! Shipping will be added to subscription prices, packages are divided into two packages per subscription. Expect the first package in early april and the second in late June.

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