Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Urinals early singles reissued from Superior Viaduct Records

You haven't heard of The Urinals? Me either, but it took all of five seconds listening to a guitar and bass coming through one amp and the choppy cut up vocals recorded all through one boom box in 1978 to realize this is something that you want to have on that seven inch format, just like when it first was pressed up. Let alone these never ended up on a full length vinyl, at least not for anything at a reasonable price...and a shirt? What the hell? Why not... all for 35 bucks? Forget the record store day lines and flippers and get this...the entire catalog direct from Superior Viaduct. New players on the block of bad ass reissues.

Hailing from the late-'70s underground of Los Angeles, THE URINALS were often called "the American WIRE" for their graceful tension, wild energy and trademark brevity. Recorded with a sole microphone and guitar / bass running through a single amplifier, their debut 1978 EP defies its limitations while defining THE URINALS' unique aesthetic. "Dead Flowers," "Hologram" and "Last Days of Man on Earth" are not simply classic songs, they are venerable punk haiku raw and unrestrained.

Originally released in 1979 on the band's own Happy Squid Records, THE URINALS' second 7-inch picks up where their first left off. Bookended by the slow-building pressure of "Black Hole" (covered by THE GUN CLUB and GRASS WIDOW, among others) and rapid-fire surge of "Ack Ack Ack Ack" (famously covered by THE MINUTEMEN), Another EP shows what happens when dynamic songwriting meets condensed attitude. Essential recordings that are best appreciated in small doses, repeated over and over and over.

THE URINALS' third 7-inch, from 1980, demonstrates the group's increased technical proficiency and fuller production that the same members would later bring to their next project, 100 FLOWERS, under which moniker they produced an outstanding album (also available on Superior Viaduct). "Sex" and "Go Away Girl" (penned by David Nolte of THE LAST) are propulsive, lo-fi statements that lay waste to the A-side in under three minutes classic URINALS form. Faithfully restored with test tones on the B-side to ensure your hi-fi is set properly for these sounds.

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