Saturday, April 6, 2013

ARIEL PINK/NEIL SCHUH/CROOKED COWBOY Cloak & Dagger 7" on Light In Attic

My Ariel Pink saved search on ebay came up with this weird release from Ariel, Neil and Crooked Cowboy the other day. No mention of it on the Light in the Attic site and it definitely sounds interesting:

What began two years ago as informal jam sessions for ARIEL PINK, NEIL SCHUH and CROOKED COWBOY evolved into a collaborative recording project with one rule to each session: no one was allowed to say no to an idea. Using whatever they could get their hands on to record, they finally went into the studio, and within three sessions the birth of “Cloak & Dagger” emerged. The Los Angeles trio’s satisfaction with the single led them to ask friend, AARON FRANKEL, to remix the track for the B-side. 2012 brought on difficulties for the group when Crooked Cowboy suffered a massive heart attack, delaying the trio’s release. At last, “Cloak & Dagger” is released on LA’s Origami Vinyl. The 7” is limited to a onetime pressing of 500 copies on transparent orange vinyl.

No idea what this sounds like, but I have to have all things Ariel...from a seller based in Montana...has three of them for the not too bad price of $10.



  2. Wait you can hear it here