Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HD Harmsen/Mumfords split on Maximum Ames records

There’s a rare variety of seven inch that is not only is a split with material that isn’t available anywhere else, but also is a collaboration between both bands on either side.
This endangered species from HD Harmsen and The Mumfords is the latest single from Maximum Ames Records who are fiercely supportive of the Iowa music scene and these two bands.

"Tarzan" from HD Harmsen constructs a big chorus sound with unbelievable enthusiasm in this story song about Tarzan. I guess because he’s got problems thanks to a back and forth confusing telephone call. They hide the things that make them what they are from each other. Jane seems a little bit like the jerk in the relationship, but maybe they can work it out because they're so different? Lots of vocal harmony from HD, the verse is a real vibrant pop sound that opens with a gong. Tarzan wants a monkey. Its that blinding storytelling sound that ends with a quick four beat at the end of the verse, taking that classic example of a relationship and updating it into modern times with slight distortion and a catchy chorus. I don't think it’s going to work out with these two they just aren't being honest. Hiding things and secretly being annoyed with each together. I appreciate HD didn’t go for the happy ending.
The Mumfords have popped up on numerous singles, including a self released 45 with a serial killer country-fried track on the B-Side along with Samuel Locke Ward. The flip side here, "Cleft Lip" (featuring the ghost of HD Harmsen) has them taking their outsider hip-hop sound heard recently on a split with the Wheelers and combining it with a gypsy of Gogol Bordello sound. Maniac rapid-fire vocals that are shocking before they truly sink in about getting his dick sucked before it morphs into a Mighty Bosstones sound. Coke porn carnival, almost Cramps style mess they want everyone to sing along to, using the horns and funk beats in as punk as possible way. Sweaty, no shirts, drinking jam.

Get this from Maximum Ames Records

No samples of these tracks anywhere, all you get is a track off HD's latest album, Papoose:

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