Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb on Big Neck Records

It really warmed my heart to read that Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb came together when Sal and Mike met at a Jay Reatard show in 2008 and decided to start a band. I like to think in between shows in heaven Jay is looking down at Stop Worrying... and thinking, "Why would these assholes be inspired by my stupid shit?" Well, Jay you can definitely hear the loud and fast influence and pop punk timings while keeping things short and simple, jamming those chords into a tight structure with no room for psych jam time. So shut it. One more question, the Shattered Records club is totally over right?

A-Side "I'm haunted (and your a fucking ghost)" captures that paper-thin punk sound where those drums just won’t be contained and the mix is just bleeding all over itself. The crunchy guitars bang against Sal’s vocal with all sorts of attitude for this type of dirty pop stuff with rackety, scratchy snotty guitars, taking deep breaths and breaking into choruses. Real warped bending solo - a little bit damaged, they don’t ever let go of this heavy straightforward stomp beat and off rhythm stutter guitar. It’s a song you'd put together in a weekend garage session and then take it as serious as this in a studio.

B-Side’s “Yellow Black & Blue” is a heavy thrust of distortion, going back to 7 Seconds, and their sk8 soundtrack sound. Piled up raw drums and distortion, more manic style vocal with nothing to lose, this is the color you'd get from hours of kick flipping unsuccessfully in the church parking lot. Mike’s on this one with a semi drunken drawl, trying hard to get it out, barley forming the words to screaming and falling down. "I don't wanna be a (Low Hanging Fruit)” has a slow, more melodic beat here, with vocals screaming in an upper register - Sal Go or Mike – hard to tell sometimes, it’s not an obvious back and forth between the sexes they have a similar range and it combines into one punk party. The rest of the band joins in to round out the backup yell chorus. Strummed distorted guitars drop down to a mellow chorus, they're taking some time to get more pop in here, that fun loving pop that isn’t burdened by too much hardcore angsty bullshit and I think Jay would approve.

Pick this up over at Big Neck Records.

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