Monday, June 17, 2013

Smile Love on Bleeding Gold Records

Bleeding Gold Records is always surprising, the length they go to in pressing up a quality package and reaching way out off into the horizon to dig up really idiosyncratic singles like this one from Smile Love an ultra indie pop band from Japan. This single for me is fulfilling that fantasy of what I imagine is a crazy C86 scene where they've been informed by nothing but that era and, in only the way that Japanese cute culture can, utterly ran away with it.

A-Side's "Njajaja" is full of sputtery rhythms of a Devo variety, choppy and heavily produced. Spotless and sparkling with lyrics somewhat hard to decipher sounding like Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof. High falsetto with no effects, just right into the mic, relying completely on pure charm to get away with being a little off the key and out of rhythm, they're going for that relaxed fun-loving jangle pop that reminds me of The Besties. A twee variety that's about having a good, clean time.

B-Side "Short song" uses the one note rhythm method, they have only enough time to deal with the timing here, still no idea what the vocal is about here, and now this could be a Swirlies kind of Unicorns mess of fun sound. A pile of effects and and the feel of stilted fun, starting a band and barely pulling it off Beat Happening style. Heavy, heavy pink vinyl. Zebras and anthropomorphized bugs on the cover. Like something that might have been created specifically for the scott pilgrim universe, easily.

Get it from Bleeding Gold Records who still have this crazy powder pink edition available.

They can cover Nodzzz anytime:

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