Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sounds of Making in East London by Dominic Wilcox

Nothing is better than when conceptual "high" art and the vinyl record come together. My favorite record that does this is The Glockenspiel Addendum by Corey Arcangel. I love that I need two record players to listen to it properly, that he screened the cover exactly like the original and - what the heck - he felt like this album needed glock on every track.

Another favorite is the blank single from Hot Lixx Houlihan I got him to sign at the Air Guitar championships.

I forget how I came across Dominic Wilcox's work, possibly through his invention drawings but randomly in his shop he had a 10" record of the sounds of making in East London:

Sounds of Making in East London’ is a 10″ vinyl record that celebrates the act of making. An unusually high number of skilled makers live and work in East London – twenty-one of whom feature on this record. The record, itself cut in Hackney, captures a diverse range of unique sounds including the clatter of lyric poet John Hegley’s typewriter, the chopping of garlic in a Michelin star restaurant, the tap of rock ‘n’ roll cobbler Terry de Havilland’s hammer and the sound of a bell being tuned in Britains oldest manufacturer. Other makers include Alex Noble – designer of many of Lady Gaga’s outfits, Beigel Bake – a 24-hour beigel shop on Brick Lane and artist Barnaby Barford.

I'm thinking United or 3rd man should put out a record of "The sounds of United" which would be the recording of clattering steam stampers as they pressed copies of the record YOU'RE LISTENING TO!

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