Monday, July 29, 2013

Madlib - Rock Konducta 45 on Rappcats

Imagine you're at the Metropolitan Museum of art. Do you think "Oh this is weird jamming all this stuff together like this, all these different time periods and shapes; painting with sculpture, priceless useful objects with mundane things to hang on the wall?"
No, you don't give it a second thought.
Hundreds of years from now it will seem obvious to have DJ as curator of sound, pulling together manifesto's across genres and decades without prejudice. If somewhere in the history of music there is a good groove pressed into vinyl Madlib is going to use it. His series Beat Konducta is his magnum opus illustrating this idea.
Rappcats makes it perfectly clear:
This 45 was originally produced for Madlib’s San Francisco show in June 2013. Only 100 copies were made in time for the show, from a total of 500. We have some of the remaining copies here, in stock and ready to ship. This is strictly vinyl. No digital or CD.

Nuff said.

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