Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shark Week " Santurce" on Analog Edition Records

The thing that I can't find any fault with the internet is how transparent the music 'business' has become. I know I'm not alone in thinking about music so much that I had to go put out a few records of my own. In an ever growing list, Matt from Everybody Taste is another one of those guys and today his latest from Shark Week comes out on his label, Analog Edition. On his blog Matt talked about being blown away by their soul-garage-surf sound live one night a couple years ago. The next step when you want to hear more of an incredible band is to put it out yourself. I don't know if you need much more of an endorsement than that.

A-Side's "Baby Maybe" has a break beat, shimmery high hat foundation and backup ahh's ooo's with Ryan sounding a bit like a hot Cramps style Caribbean party. He's got that tough as nails vocal with leather attitude while the backup vocals here are like some kind of Best Coast. Fluttery drum fills pick up on those garage sounds with a little bit of Hunx for good measure. It's big and heavily orchestral a variety of reverbs and vibrato electric's. Ryan is really breaking down by the end of this like a greaser crooner. As much as this was inspired by the Caribbean it's more like a groovy tropical inspired, bubble gum garage waiting for the mirror ball to drop. The reverb is heavy on this deep crooning baritone and when he gets to repeating 'I'm not like everybody else' it turns the track celibratory into island blues. Hinting at Ski Lodge and The Drums if they had grown up in the gulf of mexico with nothing but an old jukebox full of Sonics 45's

B-Side's "Go West" then drops in a harpsichord sounding electric and Ryan is back peering over his sunglasses and keeping things between funk and rock like a future Prince. It sounds hot, dripping with soul and froggy deep vocals, a tropical backbeat has guitars sounding like steel drums all shuffling. This vocal is the focus of these tracks, a little distorted and compelling like early Julian Casablancas holding maracas while tiki torches burn on the beach. Sounds pretty nice right?

Pick this up from Analog Edition. Black or blue vinyl.

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