Thursday, August 15, 2013

Golden Pelicans "The Earls" 7" on Total Punk Records

I’m forever grateful that Total Punk is down there in the sunshine state documenting their scene in the form of trashy, loud singles like this one from Golden Pelicans. Just like In The Red or Almost Ready they have their jammed their fingers into the vein of garage punk in Florida. Rich Evans is in so deep that it wasn’t enough to be in a few bands or run a physical record store (Vinyl Richie’s Wiggly World). There was just too much money burning a hole in his pocket. The best way I’ve found to get rid of that stuff is to invest it in pressing vinyl. So does Rich apparently and he started Total Punk + FD to ‘allieviate boredom’ according to this Kind Turkey interview, which also imparted this perfect piece of wisdom: ‘If your city sucks, fix it’. I’ve been saying for years that we should switch to a seven inch based economy, trading singles for basic needs - like more singles. Nothing is worse than sitting around bitching a lack of scene, this town sucks. The way I see it, that’s almost the best situation - fill that void with whatever crazy sound you’re into, start a space, label, whatever. Did I mention Rich is in Golden Pelican?

A-Side’s "Earls" bangs drums and crunchy guitars along with snotty vocals from Eric 'King' G snarling or almost growling in a high register. These muted gritty chords with warm, low-end distortion switches to a jangly higher screechy delivery. I can't even imagine the old school punk influences here, Rich and friends well runs freaking deep and I’d just embarrass myself. Like the Oblivians or Bassholes this low bass keeps things on track, while the guitars noodle around and try to trip each other up. More high pitch echo yelling, spikes and drunken belligerence. These guys seem like they barely have it together to continue singing this song to the end.
"Chained to the Dumpster" starts a weird repeated guitar line that’s muffled off in the background compared to this vocal, Eric's barely talking in a high pitch treble down to a low grrrrr. Backup vocals in some kind of twisted parody of that bubblegum, glitter punk. The guitars are layered in sparkly reverb while they settle on a pattern and stick to it. Eric is pissed off again and determined to let everyone have it. They’re dealing a real gutter punk sound, thanks to this vocal, if they were looking to scare people off than he's your man. (Ha, they were – ed) The band ably backs this maniac, and let’s hope they continue to drag him from gig to gig so they can continue to hit these harmonies and changes before he passes out. Like when they made Sid sing “My Way” on those steps that lit up and he shot the queen. Except by then it was waaay to late. Keep that in mind guys.

Get this one from Total Punk who says:
Last year they proved they were the toughest gang in O-Town with their "Hard Head" single, and now with The Earls encroaching on their turf, the Pelicans really bring the muscle. Two tracks of pounding raw punk slop covered in feedback and all held together by King G's gravelly vocals. 100% grade A TOTAL PUNK.

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