Monday, September 30, 2013

Interview with Kris from The Prefab Messiahs

A great band most of the time doesn’t start out with the resources to spread the word or even press enough copies of their release. That’s especially true for bands that began before people even had computers in their houses and had to buy records based on the art for actual money. If you were a couple of guys in Worcester, Massachusetts for example in the early eighties you could count your lucky stars to even have access to a decent studio to record at let alone press it to tons of vinyl. It’s that kind of luck and psych prowess that had The Prefab Messiahs playing a battle of the bands show (attended by Bobb Trimble) where their prize included studio time. I got a chance to talk to Kris from the Prefabs' about those early days for the band and the slew of new material and reissued material that’s popping up these days from Almost Ready, Fixed Identity and Burger Records. Kris talked about first meeting Bobb Trimble and subsequently playing bass in his Flying Spiders band, that battle of the bands show and how they’ve been in the studio this summer putting together a new album – thirty years later. Kris says:

First new recording sessions in 30 years are underway and going great. Pop-psych-garage with bristling energy! -- & a touch of oddness...should be unique. Xeth came up to Boston from NY, and Mike came up from Memphis. Being recorded by Doug Tuttle (MMOSS, Lilys) and Jesse Gallagher (Lilys; also recorded Quilt's 1st LP for Mexican Summer)

Our conversation opens with "Franz Kafka" from the sold out single on Almost Ready. The second track played is "Sacred Cow" is off their 12" LP "Peace Love & Alienation" on Fixed Identity Records and the last track after the interview is “Bourgeois Sally” from their latest anthology cassette on Burger Records, "Devolver".

Bobb also has a cassette coming out on Burger Oct. 1st - Bobb Trimble, The Flying Spiders in Brooklyn - a live recording from his first-ever NY show 6/25/09 (the same day that Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon all died).

Listen below or download the file.

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