Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Unwed Teenage Mothers on Hiss Lab Recordings

John Barret from Bass Drum of Death found an incredible touring drummer when he teamed up with Colin Sneed the time I caught them at Piano's a few years back. It's really been no surprise that he would go on to record his own stuff as Unwed Teenage Mothers. Reminds me of another drummer from a little band, The Traditional Fools. Maybe there's something to Ty and Colin both having that rhythmic foundation as a starting place. Lay down the booming thud and the rest will follow.

"Forever Until You Are Bones" lays down an impressive scuzzy bassline and stomp kick beat, going to the next level when an electric roars in, dirty like that first Wavves album. Unwed Teenage Mothers have a frantic, catchy, blown away surf punk with oooooo's from the choir while that blast beat stomps away. Colin's got a monolith metronome backing this static haze in a rising tide of surf. Shares a similar spazz as the Famines or minimal punk bathed in sunshine, some kind of optimism - even if he's singing about getting the fuck out of the party. This echo is crossing oceans at supersonic speed to hit that beach matching the high velocity beat. Hardly a note played on that guitar until the chorus kicks in again, not to mention this bass line that cruises. "Blood" has the best slippery haze vocal over an acoustic this time with precision drums all blown up and hissy like an 808 high hat. This is Bare Wires, Warm soda stuff, Unwed is concise and to the point chock full of dense melody, more than a mouthful. Quick bursts of songs that has my number, making them shine under this amber of texture, tambourines and all, Thee Oh Sees, Adam Widener, these guys would all be friends, OBN III's, I'm drooling already and I haven't even gotten to the B-Side.

B-Side's "Wish you were Older" has a bashing perfection again playing with these garage tones. They get away with this being so bubblegum at the same time, to the point of Hunx, but keeping this tempo in a god damn sling, they won't let loose. It's a firm, tight track about underage girls? Yikes, they have that Matthew Mcconaughey way about his stuff, they casually get away with putting it out there. The way Matthew Melton stands by the back of his car, window broken out but doesn't seem to be having a bad day. "Are You Tired of Waking up Alone?" pushes this tempo they've been flirting with to the limits, the melody is almost getting lost in the rapid snare bursts and chord changes furiously drowning out that disarming pop charm. The solo's scream in, how could they keep up this pace for an entire show. It's the most damaged dance '50s pop that would have made any parent insane. They've done it again with another fantastic single, get to work on a full length already. I don't say this often but ENOUGH WITH THE SINGLES!

Get this from Hiss Lab Recordings.

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