Wednesday, October 2, 2013

THE SPELLS on Snappy Little Numbers

Chuck Coffey at Snappy Little Numbers has been busy not just supporting other Denver area bands by pressing up their releases on his label but playing a bit on the side with The Spells who are opening for The Jacuzzi Boys the 23rd at Denver's Larimer Lounge. Living the dream - after a hard day coming up with new vinyl variations and press releases at the SLN offices, Chuck and friends go down for some hard rocking and drinking opening for Iggy Pop's favorite florida band. Damn you Chuck.

A-Side's "Slice Away" has a heavy, thick and clean Obits sound with a bit more of a glammed up polish. Vocal attitude? Check. It's not you're fault you're awesome. They include a real party chorus rising at the end of this snarly baritone with a Bosstones/Rocket from the Crypt drunken angry sing a long sound. Clear and super technical they speed up the changes and Little Stevie Shithead on vocals yells this to the limits. Song break down, who doesn't love just a bass line and drums all alone before those guitars roar back in. I've been rediscovering the Jawbox back catalog and this seems to fit right into a fictional few years later with more polish.

"Take Time" is also the A-side? Alright Snappy, I'll bite, you don't have to decide. Right off the bat, fast as hell stomp hardcore sound with all hands on deck for this all chorus no verse song. When you have a track with everyone coming in like this you have to stick to it. Deeper growly vocals from Little. This one is a wall of party that you just aren't going to make it over or escape. You just thought you'd try to get close to the stage, maybe see the band a little better. But now they're moving, the whole floor is shaking. Say goodbye, don't fight it.

Get this from Snappy Little Numbers on dark red /orange vinyl with their big jukebox hole.

You can hear a podcast with Chuck over at the Literati Records site.

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