Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7inches podcast interview with Chris at Modern Vinyl

Over the past few episodes Darren and I seem to have been referencing Modern Vinyl almost every show and it was high time we tracked down the founder, Chris to find out how he keeps up with his insane amounts of posts about new releases and the idea that we can all get rich by flipping records on ebay or on websites about vinyl for that matter.

Turns out it's SUPER EASY.

Picks for this week are the "Sunderberry Dream" Fuzz single from In the Red with a King Crimson cover on the B-Side and Darren picks a black friday Record Store Day split on Subpop with Shearwater covering Rhinnaha and Low covering Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”.

We also start a rumor that Mikal Cronin is Charlie Moonheart aka Charles Moothart? Maybe we're the last to know.
Correct us at the 7inches voicemail - (347) 770-1469.

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