Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eating Out "BURN" on Suicide Squeeze

I just was going through the Suicide Squeeze releases for their cyber Monday sale and forgot how much great stuff they've released over the last couple years on the seven inch format...Dirty Beaches, This Will Destroy You (picked up their latest double LP for 10 BUCKS)...wax idols...the Guantanamo Bay Natural Child split - all of it long sold out of course so I wanted to make sure to talk about this latest single from Eating Out. A three song EP with members Daniel and Brody from long time favorites Nu Sensae along with Mish from White Lung and Geoff Dembicki from Peace. Sounds like they took the experimental pop punk sounds of these previous projects and layered them with classic grunge sounds on the preview track "Come around". Beefy guitar sounds pile up building and building with heavy studio separation, crystal clear and working into a thick hum. They manage to keep this track plowing through definitely in a nod to grunge like a Screaming Trees or TAD with the vocals buried and distanced and a cavernous distortion recorded in a massive empty Detroit factory. Harmonies in an almost surf, beachy sound on the vocal against this heavy distortion, towering and hitting the same notes as Milk Music. You'll have to pick this up to get to hear the rest - unless you got it from Burger Records, Suicide Squeeze has this one limited to 500 copies (100 on opaque pink/lavender/yellow-mixed vinyl, 400 on black) with a download code.

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