Friday, January 3, 2014

90's Teen on Expatrex

90's Teen have a few things working for them. The single itself has no labeling as to speed or size, just a plain white center label and that sleeve is completely creepy. With a name like 90's Teen it's ungoogleable and becomes one of those mysterious releases that you can't find any info for which should be easy with these track titles. But referencing MTV? Perfect for a 90's teen, but this came out this year? They also are in the front running for most insane song title with A-Side's "Rat's Lullaby: Foreskin Harmonic (Escalator to Hell)" which opens with weird disjointed riffs that builds into a Bleach sort of thin sounding metal grunge sound or that early hardcore feel of Minor Threat 45's or the Gorilla Biscuits. A heavy massive echo completely switches gear in a just-about-to-fall-apart-post-rock way with lots of experimental guitar prying apart power chords. Yelly vocals on a mission over pounding drone that goes swirly psych fading into oblivion. A crushing broken guitar solo melts the pedal circuitry as this psych strum takes the whole thing out on the back of another solo with a different effect, could be a synth for all you know. The Nothing People meet The Melvins.

B-Side "RIP MTV" I'm surprised mostly this is even a contemporary song title. I think Music Television died a while ago....I mean RIP The Backstreet Boys while you're at it. A phased guitar loop with rim shots plow into a dancefloor inspired mental patients version of disco. Complete departure from the A-Side and now I'm starting to get a Ween vibe from these guys since this is weirdly late 70's era Buzzcocks or Wire if they were grew up twenty years later. No more money and chicks for free. That basically says it all. Sounds like a 4-track direct line in guitar holding down this main riff and I'm fine with that being the final nail in the MTV coffin. "Sleep Paralysis" has more of a Sediment Club style art rock with loops that shouldn't work then turning it hardcore while this drum machine snare rolls and someone stabs at the guitar in circles while vocals narrate the sleep scene. Getting crazy in an anti-paralysis way but the rhythm and instrumentaton is unsettling enough to take over those duties.

I know they're from the Miami and they are friends with This Heart Electric, who have an excellent bandcamp release Age of Aquarius I've been listening to and that makes me the expert on these guys basically and you can get it over here.


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