Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Hussy on Certified PR Records

Honestly I can't remember going to a better live show than the few I've attended from The Hussy. Bobby and Heather, from Madison, WI are also the nicest damn people I've had the chance to talk to a hundred years ago and have watched them go from split singles to massive colored vinyl full lengths on Southpaw and Tic Tac Totally Records. I'll admit it, I'm completely biased and going to love the hell out of this one before it even hits the turntable.

A-Side's "Turn it Three" has the duo taking it down to a see saw teetering rhythm. Who knows how they keep coming up with these caveman stomp beats that can stay this fresh. There's no formula to their impressive output; as much as they are consistently driving towards this garage punchy brief track, I couldn't see them pulling a fast one and getting the London philharmonic for their next record. The punky trash sound has been there from the beginning and the story of this band is as much about plowing through every possible permutation of guitar and drums as it is about how these two remain friends for this amount of time through the incessant touring and the crazy highs and lows that come with the intensity of being that close with these huge stakes. Not only have they managed to come up with these catchy power punk tunes for years but they show no signs of letting up anytime soon. I predict every label you know and love will someday put out a Hussy release. Bobby and Heather make friends wherever they go and don't seem to ever have a drought of material. This one is a sing song number with Bobby's patented snarl that seems to end in a question. They really compliment each other in sass and like any good duo, attempting to overwhelm the audience (like the one in question on the back of this sleeve) before the smell blood. These two will blow you jaded bastards away.

The B-Side "Firelung" reminds me of Adam Widener's punk pop stuff just dripping with reverb, they can stretch those jangly electric sounds into heights of hiss. This one has Heather being the snotty protagonist like all of the ladies of Midnight Snaxxx at once, in leather jackets and switchblades, a nightmare coven from the Outsiders. Plenty of backup harmonies that remind me of why these two have to sing together, they can go full Hunx at points caramelizing sweet layers of sugar just before barfing in your mouth. So quick and you won't find either of these on anything else.

Pick it up on dark purpley vinyl from Certified PR Records, recorded and mixed by Bobby himself. Just yesterday in fact I got a single from Fire Reatarded, also out of Madsion and lo and behold it was also recorded and mixed by Bobby Hussy - a real triple threat.

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