Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bill Bondsmen - self released

There's another side to Detroit, an even scuzzier and faster than the garage side to Rock City. It's no surprise that the falling apart center of the universe, the symbol of the great United States at the peak of it's powers that's become a shadow of it's former self would encourage this faster than hell, hardcore blasted sound of the Bill Bondsmen.

"Peasant Under Glass" has a sweeping feedback distortion that fades in and plows right into hyper gated cut off chunks of riffs. They seem to have more effects this time around expanding on the cruddy distorted riffs. Tony on vocals is laying into his own distorted take on things and this watery sounding chorus pedal here that I definitely haven't heard from these guys is adding a weird angle turning this into something hard and creepy like the Cramps. The hard distortion against this underwater warble gives this a weird unbalanced tension, the back and forth separate from both channels is partly heavy riffs and haunted house metal.
A bottle on pavement opens B-Side's "Dead" with beefy guitars that drop out to a piercing doubled up note and a voice way off in the background is an echo'd creep. They're taking these hardcore punk standard ideas and then pushing them in new directions, just when you think that head melting eee eee eee eee rhythm can't go on for another measure without head bashing, it does. Brief stops to drop in on the other side the heavy distortion on the vocal more extreme than the guitars, toying with the tempos you'd expect for this kind of energy. This plows into a whole pile of windows and bottles to slowly run out of steam. I appreciate every one of these hand screened releases and they continue to evolve and continuously play towns near you. Don't ever stop.

My friend Sawyer from Kissing Contest loves these guys and I'm glad they saw fit to send their bad ass punk to a not hard ass like me anyways.

Get this direct from the band on tour or email (billbondsmendetroit AT from Permanent Records Chicago.

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