Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Raydios on Secret Mission Records

The Raydios are a punk four piece from Tokyo and are living proof that punk rock knows no geographical boundaries or god damn borders whatsoever. It will always be an attitude and volume no matter where you're from. This has to be the first Japanese garage single I've covered and it'll take a Metal Postcard Records of Japan to at least give me a starting point for that part of the world. That being said, Lead guitarist and vocalist Fink has been messing with this harder stuff for years already in Firestarter and Teengenerate. Needless to say not much of this stuff makes it over here and this is the first release for Secret Mission.

"No expectation" opens on chunky large distorted chords and this thing has that texture from reissue documents of the late seventies; big flying chords and the the huge effort in laying down these riffs drawn out, long in the tooth with some of that bluesy warped foundation. Lyrically Fink is inserting himself between versus, snarling and jabbing with unusual emphasis like this a chopped up chorus 'No expect / tations' Screaming polished solo that has this going places lesser punk wouldn't be able to. "School Trash" uses a solid weird progression that reminds me of the Ramones and Dictators stuff. This jittery repetition open things up that leaves Fink on vocals holding it back together. The melodies take over and the solos rip this open again with a bit of phaser that shows up. It's obviously created by guys who are paying close homage to this whole scene and to a serious level of craft.
B-Side " Faster" slows down to focus on the skittery crunch of this gutter electric while things go even further back into serious scuzz here, Fink sounds like a real creep hitchhiking on the side of the road at night, getting his kicks shooting animals. One of those guys who doesn't ever get scared or nervous simply because he's at the top of that creep food chain. Who's going to be worse than him? I like how greasy they just got on this B-Side, I like them even better when that polish has faded a bit and they draw from even further back references in a nostalgic reverb mirrorball prom like Nobunny or Hunx.

Pick this up from Secret Mission Records.

No samples of these tracks, they're exclusive to this one but here's some demo's on youtube:

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