Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vacation Club on Randy Records

You really have to start to take notice when a brand new label consistently hits the mark with every one of it's releases so far. Randy Records haven't just courted already well established artists either, their roster is completely unknown to me but all their singles so far have turned out to be ripping great scuzzy garage junk-fi releases. This one from Vacation Club has already been heralded by Styrofoam Drone and Tiny Grooves and strapping this thing on the other day is a perfect start to the new year. It's just cutting through that fog of last night to start back in downing cigarette butt glasses of champagne.

Ominous toms pounding right into "Daydream" with a shrill high warped super psych guitar that's blown out into the upper reaches of overdrive. Even better are the harmonized upper register dude vocals all falling into place, like those grungy '60s outsider garages. Big reverb echo's out of the silences but mostly this picks a lane and plows everything else out of the way. Ohhhhh's and oooo's rising out of the background, the logistics of these pop layers are ridiculous. Wired reverse direction phased guitar channelled through an MXR blue box. This loopy head bobbing rhythm fills out the side and becomes a Grass Widow Fresh and Onlys spin the bottle. Super sweet with heavy pop psych warping minds and kaleidoscoping eyes. This stops on a dime and the silence is sad, not to mention the hole left where you're hearing once was. The gaping hole of silence boring into your eardrum. Hooked.

B-Side's "Forest Babe" thankfully fills that hole back up with pounding thin snare hits and jangly guitar sawing back and forth, with a different singer? This is a really upbeat hyper Zoltars sound with heavy reverb on the vocal finding the rhythm. Jagged butt slide down the stairs of chords, hitting your coccyx every one. The rest of the band comes in behind this solid melody foundation waking up to a landslide.

Go pick up this classic black and white sleeve, black vinyl release from Randy Records. No gimmicks. Just scarily consistently great music.

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