Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Joseph and Mary Chain 7 inch

This is a pretty amazing xmas release, and I'm afraid I might be a little late in getting to this one. Good luck, you can at least get the MP3's on itunes or something and still help out this cause. This is another great use of the 7 inch, getting all of these people together, so there will be huge interest, they make the manufacturing costs back at least plus lots for the cause and then have mp3 sales. On distraction records. This is going to run you about 12 dollars or so if you can find it.

A cover of the old festive classic, 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas', featuring a positively overwhelming line-up of North-Eastern luminaries collectively known as The Joseph And Mary Chain will be released as a vinyl-only double A-side single to raise money for Shelter on December 19th 2005. On the flip will be 'When The Snow Comes Down', written by The Golden Virgins' Lucas Renney.

To help cope with demand for single, we will be selling it at the price of £4.99 inc. P+P (UK orders). ALL profits from the single will go straight to Shelter.

The lineup features:

Partridge In A Pair Tree: Kathryn Williams
Two turtle doves: David and Peter Brewis from Field Music
Three French hens: Lucas Renney from The Golden Virgins
Four calling birds: John Egdell
Five gold rings: Barry Hyde and Jaff from The Futureheads
Six geese a laying: Adam Rose and Richard Amundsen from This Ain't Vegas
Seven swans a swimming: Michael James
Eight maids a milking: Chris Rollen from Les Coq Sportif
Nine ladies dancing: Michael McKnight, Dave 'Pearl' Harper and Gary 'Mullet' Mitchell from Sons Of Brenda
Ten lords a leaping: Marie Nixon and Sarah McKeown from Kenickie/Rosita
Eleven pipers piping: Swa and Ian O'Brien from The Harmonics
Twelve drummers drumming: Pete Goften (J Xaverre)

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