Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mattress - in your pocket

I swear I just stopped listening to old live joy division from heart and soul, like disc 4, for a second to listen to mattress' myspace and I thought I forgot to turn JD off and it was still playing...crazy.

But only for a second,
this song Mirror it has the same determination and drive as JD, the vocals start off a little subdued and dark and then launch into a chanting tirade. All of it sounds like it's been processed and played through custom circuits and then a radio shack mixer, in short it's that electro-punk greatness, but not exactly with that manic dance energy. It's darker, instead of dancing you should be looking over your shoulder for the experiments gone wrong in the corner of this basement show. Or it could be I've been listening to Joy division too long.
Have to go see control...tonight.

There is this great keyboard noise that even on the tiniest computer speakers is unignorable and piercing, I don't think anyone else can take it but I have to hear it again.
Wow, there was a liars noise at the end that was so perfect. Like from 'There's always room on the broom.' That indescribable electronic distortion.
I ordered this but it's been a while and I think it got filed next to the record player as 'must listen to', but that pile isn't getting any smaller, and these jems are waiting.

Damn I like these guys, I have to go listen to this 7" later....

You know that's why in the end I like's the ugliest uniform piece of crap, but every band has a presence and I appreciate that.

Malt Duck records...keep it up.

Mattress 'In Your Pocket' 7-inch Single + CDR EP
(July 2007, includes insert, CDR holds 7-inch tracks + two bonus tracks, ed. 300, hand-numbered)

300 that's it? Wow thats really not fair. I have to see if these tracks are anything like mirror. If so, I have a new favorite band.

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  1. Thanks for the words...I will pass them on to Rex.