Thursday, December 20, 2007

New whirylball concert ticket 7"

There is another Chunklet Whiryball show being put together in Atlanta. This latest show/7" features the Black Lips, gentlemen jesse, baby shakes and coffin bound.
If I was really serious about my band I might pick up and move there immediately. Criminal records sounds awesome, they must have some good clubs, it has to be cheap and warm. Rob's House is selling out of 7"'s. Deerhunter, the coathangers, carbonas...the latest burn to shine was shot there. I'm just saying Atlanta is looking pretty good.
But this idea of selling a seven inch as a ticket to the show is such a great idea, I really want to support this so I'll have to wait until the repress it for the rest of us.
The Black Lips, recently moved to Vice records, home of bloc party, and they are getting primed for bigger things. I swear the other day someone asked me if I had heard of this new band, the black lips. They are bluesy punk, I think at first I was getting them confused with the black keys, the other duo.
I live in a crappy town called brooklyn, and we don't have anything.

Chad radford wrote a great piece about buying records with Gentlemen Jesse here.

From Criminal records:

Criminal Records made it onto
Pitchfork again this week, thank to Uncle Henry. If you want to buy the Whirlyball concert ticket (that's also a 7" single featuring Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse and his Men, Baby Shakes and Coffin Bound), please come into the store. If you can't make it down to Casa Crim any time soon, I recommend that you buy it online here and pick it up (yes, from the store) by January 19, 2008 (OMG! The year is almost over, freeeak out!). Anyway, for those of you who just want the record and not the concert ticket that is attached to it, there will be a limited quantity of singles available after the show happens. So, you out-of-town folks, just be patient. We'll take care of you then, k?

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