Wednesday, December 26, 2007

People in a Position to Know - PIAPTK - CORRECTION!

Mike from PIAPTK contacted me recently and cleared up the subscription confusion I was going through.
It turns out, the Trust series at PIAPTK is still running, it's extremely limited to 25 subscriptions and is just bands personally chosen by Mike because he loves them more than all the rest.
The larger Limited Edition Club...which was going to have a run of around 500 shaped lathe cuts is on the back burner for now.
I'm sure that was a more financially draining prospect....I asked Mike if he'd be up for talking more about what's going on over there in Olympia, WA with 8"' look for that in the new year as well.
'08 is all about the 8"
I'll have to see if he'll take home depot gift cards.

Mike says:
The larger club (the first was the Lathe cut series with Wooden Wand, Jad Fair, Will Johnson, etc) was going to be upgraded to 500 copies of pressed, but still shaped, vinyl. Due to the fact that every label on the planet has announced a subscription series recently, and a couple of the large headliners are not going to be able to participate for a little while (though, we are still planning on working with them). So, I thought it best to put it on the backburner.

As someone in the comments said, it IS very presumptuous of us to not tell anyone the bands participating in the Trust series, but, THAT is why there are only 25 copies of it sold, and why they are sold at cost. It is also part of the reason that we still have some subscriptions left. They will sell eventually. :-) Like I said on the site, there are no big names, just bands that I really love. The nice part about running a money pit of an art-label is the fact that you can do it however you want! What was that quote from 24 hour party people? "We are losing $4 on every one of these that we sell..." "Well, that's alright because we haven't sold very many" haha.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    i did say it was presumptuous, but i've since come around a little to the "trust" aspect of it and i ultimately think it has potential to be a cool set of records. though, perhaps a little steep in price...even at cost (is it 95 for canadian orders too?)

    i was looking more forward to the limited edition club series and will keep in eye out for that.

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Canadian Shipping is $85. I should make a paypal button for that.

    They are very expensive to make. Check for my costs, include shipping, labels, cost for a few copies for the artist and label and silkscreen supplies/paper, etc. It will probably be quite a while until the larger ltd edition club comes around again, but now people can buy the records they want that would have been on the series without having to buy them all.

    Regardless, thanks for your comments and interest! Mike.