Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jeremy Jay on K records

The songs on the myspace reminds me of something like The Cure's, 17 seconds... really sparse production, not a lot of effects on anything, pretty basic except for the really chorused out vocals on some tracks, in others it's all reverb and half sung, kind of depressed, but all solid songwriting. I can see the Joy Division influence but higher vocals, and more expressive.
It ranges from heavy synth to single electric guitar. Really flat, shallow sounding drums, it's not just the crappy myspace quality, they have like no decay or something, like slap drums.
Anyway, this is some interesting stuff that would have been at home in some dark early 90's sad bastard club, a little dangerous sounding, but accessible and ending up on every mix tape.

It's like 3.75 from K recs.

Here's what aquarius had to say:

JAY, JEREMY "We Were There" (K Records) 7" 4.98
If you've been in AQ more then a few times in the last few months you probably already know how obsessed we've become with Jeremy Jay. There’s a pretty good chance we were swaying back and forth listening to his ep Airwalker over and over as we have countless times, and we still aren’t even close to getting sick of it. Mixing a twee sensibility with the power of the Factory Records vaults, creating songs that invite you to jump right in and throw up your arms as you close your eyes and enter a world so dreamy and infectious.
So of course we've been starving for anything else to get our hands and ears on by Jay, and luckily we have two new songs on this 7” to get lost with. The tracks here are quite different than the songs on Airwalker and show that Jay is not content with having an easily defined sound. The A side “We Were There” made us think of prime time Make-Up with it’s sassy rhythms and spoken/sung delivery.
The B side “Beautiful Dreamer” is what’s getting us the most, with it’s sparkling and dizzying cloudy sonics and late night haze. Two more reasons to love this young talent from LA!


  1. After hearing this, it was an instant order for me. Great stuff.

  2. Anonymous1:52 AM

    i got the airwalker 7" back in december. i think it's a bit better than this one.

    the far-off vocals remind me a little of ariel pink, 'cept way more sugary/poppy....