Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slumberland - split single series splatter vinyl

Over at SevenTenTwelve, Paul brought this series to my attention a while ago, but this email I got from them the other day warranted bringing it up again.
First of all, do I have to remind anyone they released some of the most incredible singles from The Swirlies, the Lilys, The Softies, and Stereolab among others? I didn't think so....they have a knack for getting groundbreaking new bands onto vinyl, so I completely trust this brand new split single series they just started.
They are in it to win it, and summed up my feelings about the 7" in general perfectly in their email:

We here at Slumberland have always believed in the 7" single as the greatest medium for pop music. 7"s are cheap and portable, a great way to hear new bands without spending too much cash, and similarly a great way for bands to get their music out there without going broke. Add in a cool sleeve, maybe some color vinyl and the odd sticker or badge and you have an unbeatable little package.

The last few years have seen a real resurgence of great pop, and we find ourselves with a favorite new band almost every week. Or at least a few favorite new songs. We've puzzled over how to make more of this terrific music available, and our solution is our new split single series Searching For The Now.

The first two singles are available now. Volume One is an all-Glasgow edition, pairing the glam pop stomp of Roy Moller & The Company (featuring Stevie Jackson from a Glasgow band we all know and love) with the delightful folky pop of The Hermit Crabs. It's a superb combination. Volume Two features the Spectorian pop of Bye! (featuring Archie Moore from Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine) on one side, with the suave pop stylings of The Happy Couple on the flip. Both singles come in full-color cardstock sleeves and are pressed on super-cool splatter color vinyl. Both are $3.50 plus postage.

These are 3.50????!!!!! Splatter colored 7" vinyl? Are they insane? I don't know either of these bands but their manifesto has sold me. Keep the singles coming, slumberland!

More info at: Slumberland Records

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