Monday, March 17, 2008

Mayyors by the way of Mt. St. Mtn.

This was the only thing I could find about this band, a couple photos and some show listings in the Sacramento area, but I got this email Saturday from Mt St. Mtn and I didn't even have to know anything else, this was paypaled for immediately. A band this mysterious with a table full of god knows what effects and a guy kneeling playing bass, while someone checks the fan...because you know what? .....It's getting mutherfucking hot in here.

Everything I like lately has those elements, the usual rock and roll facade, guitars, bass, drums and then a shitload of homemade/shitty/found/whatever effects boxes and wires. I love everything about it.

This reminds me that the people putting out this amazing sound are also making it...I guess you don't want to necessarily put out your own 7", just secretly mail it to those who have $5.

Bottom line, this is just all on good faith, I know it will be great by association, that is what MSM has bred, sheer blind devotion to their seven inches...good job.

The MAYYORS debut 7" came out and we got some on the account of 1/2 of being in the band. Only 300 pressed, 45rpm, 2 songs that sound real nice thanks to Chris Woodhouse engineering it (he's in the band too) and John Golden mastering it (not in the band). We've got a handful, PayPal $5 to us at mtstmtn [at] hotmail [dot] com and we'll ship you one.

Also from SS records
Mayyors – s/t 7" (Waste of Oil) $5
Sacramento's Mayyors debut with two stunners. Lead by Chris Woodhouse (Karate Party, producer of A Frames, Hospitals, Coachwhips, Erase Errata & more) and fronted by John Pritchard (Sexy Prison), these guys take a bit of Brainbombs relentless attack, speed it up, augment it with some Gordon-like primitive drive and Karate Party guitar fuckery. Easily the best record to come out of this burg since the last Duchess of Saigon seven. 300 press. Buy now or ebay later.

(Photo courtesy of geochen)


  1. fucking awesome...we need a group like this in michigan, maybe have something like it but not nearly as badass.

  2. ^^ Tyvek? Wolf Eyes? .....

  3. The scene is always better somewhere else...

  4. yeah, Michigan has Human Eye & the Terrible Two's. ain't nothin' to complain about.

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    closest thing in austin is women in prison