Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Them, Themselves or They - Malt Duck records

This is some kind of meticulous slow muddy restraint. Tracks are created with the barest of bone machines and at the latest hour in the middle of the city. This is someones soundproofed basement apartment under blacklight and clouds of smoke. Has the eerie quality of an Angus Andrew, in this deep melodramatic wavery vocal style, that gets endearingly too close to the mic. It really makes you question where the hell they could be possibly coming from. Where is the reference? Nothing like it.
But they obviously are barreling ahead and fuck the rest.
Like Suicide, they are coming from completely left field and there won't be a 7" even remotely close to this. Scary and minimal and electronic.

The best description:
Them, Themselves or They - Angel Dust & Magick Wands 7" (Malt Duck) $5
This is TTT's debut, though you might be familiar with band member Sally Strobelight and her LP of loner psych that came out last year. If so, you know a bit of what you are getting into: simple outsider psych. To peg them to a sound: Think the Wooden Shjips with less chops, less guitar hystronics and more hypnotism. Definitely a product of someone's bedroom. Comes with CDR.


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Nice to see mention of this on the interweb.

    Yes, definitely someone's bedroom, and in the best possible way. Spooky and groovy. The Sally Strobelight LP from 2 years ago (!) was astounding, and this 7" keeps it going.

    In addition to various instruments, two of the 3 musicians are credited with "numbered thought". ?

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Great music! Looking forward to listen more of you!