Wednesday, April 16, 2008

San Kazakgascar - Master musicians of hop frog - split 7"

This is a co-release from lather records and Urok, a split with San Kazakgascar and The Master Musicians of Hop Frog. It showed up for review a few weeks ago and I finally put it on last night. Frogs and dogs, a very animal post psyche release from both of these bands.

San Kazakgascar is a foreign far away country and based on this track 'Planet Dog' it would have been populated by slowcore giants Rex and even Bedhead at one time long ago. It's a meandering track, beginning with this psyche bass heavy groove which takes a turn slowly into slightly middle eastern sounding phased guitar playing high chord scales complete with what sounds like some kind of woodwind instrument. It takes it's sweet time at 33 1/3 building on guitar tones with a quiet chanting/ barking on the beat that works it's way slowly forward and then the talk about begging like dogs and barking like dogs defies where you thought this track was headed. It slowly fades out turning towards the beautiful shores of this weird tribal land.

The flip side with the Master Musicians of Hop frog starts out with a sampled hip hop frog beat foundation for trebled out warbly chorused guitar and a dark bassline. Heavily echoed nightmare unrecognizable vocals are hell bent on breaking every silence in this slow groove, punctuated by live tom breakdown fills and sitar-like guitar melodies, if San Kazakgascar are welcoming to their country, the Hop frog side might foreshadow your exit and it's not going to be pleasant. Light some candles and cover up the lampshades, you're in native territory.

Both of these bands are complementing each other working with non traditional rock elements, a part of this resurgence in updating the psyche sound, well done out there in their own idiosyncratic world.

Nice handwritten labels and only 299 left on
Lather records and Urck records
Lather: San Kazakgascar barks up all the wrong trees with their heaviest song. Master Musicians of HopFrog match SK on the flip with some 80s-style art/punk damage. A co-release with URCK Records. $5ppd.

Song of the South, finds its roots as a “Song for the East” yet the ironic wordplay shines a dark light on what is seen as a new generation of American racism. Song of the South features the Hop-Frog Kollectiv’s E.loi, Hermit the Flog and Carl F. Off and was recorded by Stane Hubert at IL Corral for URCK Records. Following up the recently released Greetings From Beautiful..., San Kazakgascar offers up "Planet Dog." Like a giant science-fiction movie cobra weaving slowly across the sands, this song is the soundtrack to the desperate and final dogfight over Mideast oil.

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