Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Desaparecidos - most expensive 7" ever!

Who knew that this had to be the rarest single in 7" history...not even the first white stripes single on sub pop has gone for this much. I'm shocked. At least there is a buy it now option for $400.00. But I have a few questions about this listing before I blow all my savings:

It is my understanding that there were only 3000 of these records pressed. Long Out-of-Print and very hard to find.

There's 3000 copies of this....so potentially there's 1.2 million dollars to be made on this 7"? Damn I wish I would have picked one of these up, it really would have been worth the import price from Witchita.
I keep looking for signs of the 7" apocalypse....it might be sooner than I thought. I know it's all going to end in a huge pile of melted vinyl....some kind of disaster, or market collapse and I have to keep asking myself...is it worth owning and listening to that Vivia Girls single? Or should be buying every copy I see at other music and auctioning them off? I'll become part of the problem. Can I look back and say...I'm glad I kept that Iron and Wine sub pop single even know that no one cares about 45's anymore because there's no more private property and the water supply has dried up and gas is upwards of $10/gallon.
I can answer yes...I enjoyed it very much thanks.

Desaparecidos was, of course, considered to be the "Saddle Creek Supergroup" featuring Conor Oberst on lead vocals and guitar, in a much more post-hardcore style with members who currently play and/or have previously played in notable Omaha bands including The Good Life, '89 Cubs, Intramural, Statistics, Little Brazil, Two of Cups, City Lights, Race for Titles, Bright Eyes (Ian McElroy - Conor's Cousin), and Criteria.

What's New for Fall
The Happiest Place on Earth
Give Me The Pen

Please Note: Reasonable BIN Price offers will be considered only prior to the first bid.
After the initial bid, we will not end the auction early

Reasonable BIN Price offers? So If no one bids and I want this for $175...you might consider it?
That's great news ....you fucking lunatic!

I'm on vicadin from getting my wisdom teeth out and even I know better.


  1. I own a copy of this 7" also. Perhaps I should saturate the ebay market with mine. I would not expect this 7" to go for $25 normally, but I have seen crazy things happen on ebay before.

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I don't know too much about this 7" but in my understanding 3000 is hardly limited, so this guy is crazy?

  3. I'll admit I haven't seen it on ebay very much, so I actually thought it was part of a way smaller run, si I'd say he's not making his case. But if the ratio hold true then the Reatard series is going to make people millionaires.

  4. My understanding is there are only 1,000 of these.
    It is one of the few items I don't have - except the cassettes of water, sountrack...etc etc

    so, at a revised price of $200 I bought this item!

  5. Sam,
    It's still for sale as far as I can tell....but still with 1000 copies, that's a lot...I don't think the subpop white stripes or bright eyes or nirvana pressed much more than 1000 in their runs and those go for...well I guess around 200. I think this seller was a little optomistic (oportunistic?) awwww fuck I'm just jealous.
    I want to hear it sometime.

  6. A highly entertaining surprise!

    The listing you mention in this blog was actually one of my listings for a copy of the record.

    Once upon a time, pre-economic decline, there was a period during which these were selling for $150+ per copy. Sure, if you were good with The Google or knew where to find them you could still acquire them for $35-$80 each but there weren't all that many changing hands and very few on eBay.

    At the time the one you mention was listed, there were a handful which had recently sold in the $150 to $280 range. Yes, being somewhat optimistic, I listed the first one up at a starting price of $150 and a BIN price of $300. It sold within 5 hours of being listed for $300.

    Of course, seeing the prices that they were going for, whenever I came across one at a more reasonable price, I'd pick one up. So I had acquired a couple more by that point and promptly listed up the second one. Seeing as the first went so quickly at that price, I raised the BIN price on the new listing to $400 to see what would happen. This would be the listing which you stumbled across and referenced.

    Of course, it didn't actually sell for $400. I sold another copy for around $280, one I think for $240 and the one which LondonSam bought for $200. Note the trend in the price. As the economy proceeded to go down the tubes, the value of course decreased proportionately. Sort of across the board for all but some of the older and more obscure international & psych pressings. Since then they generally sell somewhere between $80 & $200. Although even the CD copies are once again coming up for sale very infrequently on eBay.

    I just found another 7" copy in my inventory & actually stumbled across your blog looking for the number of copies pressed, since I had lost the original listing text. I assure you that this one will be much more reasonably priced at $79 start & $160 BIN.

    Overall, I can't honestly explain why some things will sell for what seems to most a ridiculously high price. Still, I've seen the most random things skyrocket. Set of plastic & foam coasters, with damaged foam... $125 - think I started them at $9.95 -- My parents pulled a baseball glove from their shed, put it up at $10 and it wound up being rare and selling for $1500. I don't pretend to understand, but I certainly can't complain... it pays the bills. It's also somewhat satisfying to know that you're putting something in the hands of someone who genuinely enjoys and appreciates it rather than seeing it destroyed, discarded or left forgotten in the back of a closet somewhere.

    Anyhow... glad to have come across your post. It gave me a laugh.

    Your 1.2 million dollar estimate was a bit high but, honestly, during the past two years, the copies that have passed through my hands have actually grossed over $1K.

  7. Wow! Hey thanks for explaining, hope I didn't come off as too much of an ass in the original post..I probably did.
    That's what ebay is for, if people will buy it, who am I to complain? I've sold singles I was about to trash for way more than I imagined they were worth.
    Don't get me wrong I'm still on the lookout for one of these...does it have tracks that weren't on the full length? That might explain it.
    Honestly, I follow Neutral milk hotel singles, early bright eyes, arcade fire...nothing has even come close to $300....and the issue size of 1000? People love the Desaparaceidos. $1000 would buy me a lot of singles...good on you.
    I'd love to see your record shelves.