Tuesday, October 21, 2008

David Bazan XMAS - Suicide squeeze

It's never too early to think about Christmas and the David Bazan xmas series..this has been 5 years running now, well not including 2004...3 pedro the lion christmas miracles and one previous Bazan solo present...that's a lot of inches.
I mean at this point I can't not get this. I don't know how well It's hard to find a friend holds up, it reminds me of high school, without having listened to it exactly then...but it has that dated feel...I still love the drum sound, it's near perfect for this minimal recording, it just captures this great room feel.
The other christmas singles are always interesting, I'm glad he's kept them up. It's an excuse to go back and play them back to back wrapping presents. Maybe it should be a special christmas podcast episode...I have more than enough xmas related singles....hmmmm, I'll see if I can get my act together.

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Limited to 1,000 copies! Continuing with the Yule-time tradition, David Bazan delivers his own rendition of the timeless Christmas classic "Jingle Bells" and an original Holiday verse entitled "All I Want For Christmas." Pressed on red (400), white (200) and green (400) vinyl this 7" marks the fifth in a series of limited edition Christmas singles for SUICIDE SQUEEZE RECORDS. Shipping Now! Not in stores until November 4, 2008!
Side A - Jingle Bells Side B - All I Want For Christmas Price - $6.00 Buy Here: www.suicidesqueeze.net

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