Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too Pure singles club second year! Exclamation!

I was really into getting these singles this past year and have played a few on the recent Matt intensive podcasts. I think I first got into this label after finding out about The Organ and Electrelane. I don't know if those bands are really part of some core philosophy of this English label, or if there is that much of a conscious direction? They have been home to Stereolab and McClusky, so it's an indie direction for sure. Let's take a look at some of last years singles...
Kaputt, I think I mostly remember because me and Matt kind of agreed that one was weirdly 90's but post rocky and different.
Then I remember the first single was from Electrelane's Verity Susman, they had just broke up and I was into that full length...and I loved that all these songs are unreleased anywher else, and I just trusted their was going to be bigger, smaller acts, catchy indie pop that wouldn't appear anywhere else.
I think there was a Scout Niblett one also...I'm curious to hear where she's going. She seems like the Chan Marshall that isn't aspiring to be a karaoke singer. She has a great voice and is a great songwriter and it's weirdly put together...nice.
Then just as I was reading about Foot Village and getting into their whole drumming, yalp world...the latest single I opened up the other day was from Foot Village...I didn't expect that at all, nice surprise...I hope they sell out all these memberships, it's a cool thing, for the artists, subscribers....forget home delivery of the NY Times. I want 7" singles...between this and columbus discount records I'm keeping up with what's in style....and I'm keeping up with Sports! I like the Real Estate section...

The only problem really is that they are shipped in these flimsy cardboard things that bend super easy and all the sleeves have been pretty fucked....I think one of the records was even completly destroyed, but I blame the post office...and my shitty foyer.

You can also get individual copies of last years club on their myspace ...or take a chance and get the whole next year of god knows's exciting....maybe I can wrangle some money together. Yee Ha

I got these emails from Too Pure just the other day:
Firstly, Thank you for all your support over the last 12 months, we are about to send out the next installment within the next couple of days and then we have just one more this year to go !! All very exciting ! We have good news ! Following the astounding success of this years singles club, we are very pleased to announce that we will be continuing the club from january for another year ! Hooray i hear you cry !!!
Each single will again contain two exclusive unreleased songs, each numbered and strictly ltd to 500 copies and this time for subscribers only a free mp3 of each release as well !
All this for the incredible sum of £35 ( £40 if you are outside of the UK) and we'll send you the12 singles over the course of the year !
we're extremely excited to announce the first release will be leeds finest Pulled apart By Horses.
We'll also be giving way free mp3's of the tracks for subscribers only, and this year we'll keep you updated on the singles club nights and bands gigs up and down the country.

So there you have it...a very enthusiastic start to another 7" year....unfortunately for me the dollar is such shit there's no way I can justify this...well it's $68...which isn't that bad's 5.60/ea...hmmm, now I'm thinking about it. That does include shipping...and I like the free MP3, that's nice for subscribers.

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