Friday, April 16, 2010

A Second Opinion with Travis Kostell - part 2

Here's the second part of A 2nd Opinion with Travis Kostell, which is going to be a regular series. In this one we talk about the Mess Folk single on Hozac, and the Urthquake single on Spooky Tree Records.

Travis records constantly and you should check out his latest release, 'Whore's Eggs' on his blog, Choice Grinds.

Download it here


  1. japanther8:37 PM

    stream of thought (part2)

    the Mess Folk 7'' was my favorite out of all the ones you guys discussed (including part one). I bought about half of these, but only that one and Fuck Montreal showed up so far. I thought I heard Travis mention Wire (? they too british!) I don't hear Pink Flag, but maybe later stuff. Nirvana reference was a little closer for me.

    Urthquake was nice and catchy there. I found the very thin layers of fucked up sounds to be nice. Its like somebody gave Meercaz or Crash Normal a bunch of ritalin and they zombied out. Yeahhhh, Suicide, but a little more garagey? You guys are on crack though, the black metal thing MUST be just a joke or something.... oh wait you guys get the joke, my bad.

    Ummmm... found dead?!!!... oh ok. Fake mythos, nice. Yeah this could be used as a soundtrack to a movie. A movie about a dude found in his garage hanging.

    Yeah I saw your webpage on the last post, and I was confused. I thought Whore's Eggs was really old stuff or somethign. I can't remember now, I drink a lot. I'll check it out later though, after this clarification.

  2. Nice,
    Thanks man, It's weird, I was hearing all new sides to these two after going through this whole 2nd opinion. Thanks for checking it out.

    You're next for '3rd opinion with Japanther'.

  3. japanther11:21 PM

    (; lol. I'm fine in my background comment palace. You guys have real history. But not in the gay way. Not even in God's gay way.


  4. Nice job J. (and Japanther!).

    @japanther: Yeah not Pink Flag, but Chairs Missing. And not the vocals just the instruments. I'll check out a movie about a guy hanging in his garage. At least once. Yeah Whore's Eggs is a collection of things recorded between 1995 and 2004. I sat on these for the last 5 - 10 years and they have hatched.

    I am looking forward to next time.

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

  6. japanther9:42 AM

    @Travis Yeah I can't wait. There were many good reviews this week. Yeah, Wire's 2nd and 3rd albums were quite a departure. Sometimes I'm a little dismissive of those 2 albums because Pink Flag is one of my favorites. I really should listen to everyone and give the next two more attention.

    @Jason I got a GGreen 7" from FD for like 3$ based on this, thinking it was worth the gamble of only hearing 20 seconds of it at that price. It was actually pretty great. Thanks! Also, Just got my David Mcalister (Carolina Biproduct) and Kevin Taylor (with book) from Tobias. So worth it.

    It kinda sucks that it takes a few weeks to a month to be able to hear and respond to these reviews. But, oh well.

  7. Japanther,
    Re: Pink Flag... I'm always stuck on their first too, glad they reissued those recently. I still have to make my way into their second and third. Like that first gang of four album...perfect.
    That's great you picked up GGreen, it's another piece in the no-fi puzzle.
    I hear you, but at least it's not the days of zines where the record company might not even be around anymore by the time you mail them cash hidden in layers of paper.

  8. japanther1:38 PM

    Exactly. Damn I missed the reissue news, thanks for the heads up. I hope it has all the bonus tracks that the CD version had from like 8 years ago (approx). It had '1 2 X U' as a bonus track, and that is by far my favorite song of theirs. If the reissue is still around, and has the bonus tracks, I'm buying. And yeah totally agreed about Gang of Four. At least both bands still released critically acclaimed music even through a departure in sound. You know it could be much much worse. Buster Poindexter, famous for "I like it HOT HOT HOT!" or whatever it was from the 80's, was in the New York Dolls. How does this happen?

    Actually, it still happens today. I bought 2 really awesome LP's of Peter Stubb (You really need to hear this as soon as I rip the vinyl, i'm so lazy!) from Family Night Records, in Asheville NC. Jesse Mcswain, the guy who runs the label/record store warned me that Peter Stubb is kind of crazy and he demanded order forms be put in the albums for his personal cassettes. But about 2 weeks later he moved, being the social outcast weirdo tattoo-ed-face country singer that he is. Jesse said that people would come back to the store and ask if they knew anything about the cash order they sent. So now he tells people this whole story every time he sells Peter Stubb records as a warning. But you are definitely right about the semi-instant gratification of the modern era of music consumption.

  9. Well... those Wire LP's popped up a few years ago as 'rereleases' or something, not sure if they have bonus tracks, pretty sure they're straight up exact to the originals. I'd always meant to check them out and started out with the Pink Flag one and always put it on. I think I got the others but they never make it on the turntable.
    Peter Stubbs sounds like I'm gonna go look him up, but not mail him much as I want to.

  10. Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154 were all re-mastered and include the extra tracks. Pink Flag is my favorite, I also like Chairs Missing a whole lot. Never heard 154. I bought Chairs Missing and Pink Flag on cassette when Camelot Music in Rochester went out of business. Never bought them again, but I do see that the reissues are widely available. And I think they are even available on vinyl.