Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vampire Blues/ I Hear The Vibrations, by Wooden Shjips (7" on Sick Thirst)

Here's a 7" I'll probably never see...although ss is supposed to be getting a very limited number of these in, maybe I'll see it quick enough.... get on their mailing list if you're interested.
Vampire Blues is a Neil Young cover? That's worth the price of admission and probably the low pressing number. This is a tour single sold at again good on you if you end up with one.
The thing I've been into most about the shjips is when that guitar starts screaming in the middle of the track, just blown out, uncontrollable. When it goes into experimental territory...when it kind of turens it's accessibility on it's head a little. It takes it's time going anywhere and then there's that ultra echo vocals with sustain that never ends, just all the good things about the Crystal Stilts latest full length I've been listening to a takes the best things about early JAMC and just plays it. There's no trying to go comercial period or producing the sound. Like the shjips, they love what they love and are reproducing it.
I get that maybe they are treading where a bunch of period bands alreayd went,but it's anew take on the era, filtered through today...or just with an unabashed appreciation and taking it to it's extreme.
I don't know too much about that era and some of the greats these guys are probably influenced by, I'm too obsessed with now, so this will do nicely.
It will hyptnotize me to sleep at times though...

It's available overseas at Norman recs who says:

Hey we got some copies of the Wooden Shjips ltd edition tour 7" 'Vampire Blues/ I Hear The Vibrations'. You may recall how quickly we sold out of their previous tour split with The Heads so you best be getting yer skates on. 'Vampire Blues' is a cover of a Neil Young tune from his 1974 'On The Beach' album. I have to confess to never having heard the original but their version is a real grower. The guitar is suitably fuzzy, the percussion fairly simple and the overall atmosphere a druggy, lazy, stoned haze. A good old fashioned blues rock and roll tune with lovely warm analogue sound. The flipside 'I Hear The Vibrations' has a brilliant repetitive bassline that's really prominent in the mix while layers of psychedelic guitar swirl around. This has their authentic 70's sound but thankfully manages to avoid becoming too proggy and adopting some of the more embarrassing cliche's associated with 70's rock. Again I love the overall sound here presumably all played and recorded with old kit. Upon second spin I can declare I thoroughly approve.

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