Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ty Segall on chocolate covered records

Ty Segall from the Traditional Fools has just released this solo 7" offering on Chocolate Covered records. Ty has been performing drum duties in the Fools and ever since I found that out, I can't help but hear the lazer focus on the rhythm section, the percussion is relentless, the influence of thinking about that particular area: pounding.

The sleeve of a demented 50's scene gone cat... all cut and pasted...might give you a clue about what's lurking under the surface...just barely.
I had some other things to say about the art but this single doesn't waste any time diving right into serious low-fi stomping. The bass range sounds all peaking out, recorded at 11. Strumming like mad electric with some surf reverb turned up, That echo that you wonder is it even in the same room? Is this a room sound? Is he singing in the bathroom, it's organic, really natural.
This really reminds me of Bob Log... or Doo Rag definitely...the same use of the guitar. It's all strumming, like a washboard, the sound of the strings becomes percussive, there's a melody there but it's stripped down, barely two notes. The frantic-ness of 'Here We Go' with stomping tamborine on the high hat. Now that I'm hearing it again, I don't think there's any snare here?
The sound of crackling cables barely hanging on ends the leg shaking and we're onto......
(Go have a listen from CC, click play on the realplayer track thingy...then you will click on the buy me.)
'It' is kick drum at speed, supportingTy's ultra blown out vocals. Again we're playing through some kind of severly broken equipment, which is sounding so analoge and fuzzy. It's the best kind of low-fi...It's recorded really specifically, with all kinds of tracks, effects, I'm sure but with a patina of gainy film. An old blockbuster.
Like everything is just turned up, all in the red for the majority of this weighty EP... a lot heavier than Traditional Fools who seem to want be taken a little less seriously, this is in your face, and catchy as hell, immediately...there's no time getting used to this. It's turned up full at low levels, mixed right at the max for 45. The guitar is just overwhelming, a low nonstop roar. It's seriously loud, and keeps getting louder.
It can't be talked over at your party.
Front and center.

On the Bside 'Son of Sam' alternates between that reverb guitar but slightly different drum recording it sounds like. Cleaner ride cymbal and even more mechanical sounding reverb this time. The drum drops in and out. Ty here is like Screaming Jay Hawkins, or John Spencer...channeling that flair.... the whoop and holler, bellowing out in the middle of nothing...tortured. Well, not exactly tortured, this is pure fun...maybe it's more like a good sermon.
'Son of a bitch!'
That warbly electrified blues vocal with a howl at the end. I am tracking down the original by Chain Gang...thanks for schooling me Ty.

This makes way for 'Sweets', another crafted little jem based on that great muffled sound.
Is something wrong with the stereo?

It's 4 songs that don't let up, a more finely tuned sound than Tradiional fools, It sounds like a lazer focused vision of a very particular low-fi. A succinct vision and a hell of a solo single across all 4 tracks.

$6 From Chocolate Covered Records:
Ty Segall steps out from behind the drumkit of the Traditional Fools and sit down behind a much simpler drum kit to start his own one-man band. It's crunchy, lo-fi goodness for the whole family...
...the Manson family! Includes a cover of Chain Gang's "Son of Sam." Now that's hip!

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