Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baron and the grebes - You're a horrible person

First of all I want to mention the insane amount of shit that arrived in this package. I was a little worried going through it...a single of course, but there was a suspicious amount of papers and bulging pounches....then this metal wire almost took my eye out...nice touch. My first piece of hate mail? Not quite... eventually I found Robert's note:

Make the tea, add whiskey...I can't argue with that. So there is some tea, mixed in amongst a broken guitar string (which my cat immediately stole and ran off), cassette wrappers, ribbons and packing peanuts, hey you gotta keep the singles safe. It took me back to the days of zines, and the crafty insanity pasted on the covers...the mess of collage on the envelopes. I appreciate the custom homemade touch always.
The vinyl is a nice swirl of purple with black and white streaks throughout. The inner label has what I'm guessing is a grebe (the bird)
on the A-side, which features the track 'You're a horrible person'. It starts out promising enough... a lot of distorted power chords, most definitely recorded in some kind of basement/garage. Then a drum machine kicks in. Someone is singing some kind of lyric, but at the same another voice is yelling nonsense on top of it in a high falsetto...that's a new one. I like that idea of these dueling vocalists. One trying to make sense and the other trying to mess it up again. The guitar seems to devolve by the end.... it's definitely not fun music, it's a challenge people. It's crackly and goes right until the very end at 45 speed, just before the needle can't take it anymore.

It sounds a lot like the inside of this envelope:
The B-Side - 'The prophet hooligan' is a little less spastic and more...scratch that very spastic at first, then we get some weird tape manipulation break with spoken word at high speed, a microcasette player on the wrong speed. Then a practice room with a terrible drum machine and a real kit comes in on top of it. Some indecipherable lyrics in off key. I can't imagine how many takes were recorded here, or if it's simply the goal of producing something out of these sessions. Or is it a response to the fuzz-fi shitgaze thats out there...we can do it too!
This eventually fades out, but there's more....a super noise freakout with a hyped up drum machine and maybe guitar...looped.

People have seriously warned me about drinking the tea. I say fuck it, I hope it's laced with something. I'll give it an entirely different review.
Go get it, it's $3 and Robert doesn't believe in trash, so you can count on some of it coming your way...a bonus!

But it's inspiring, I want to press all of my shit onto vinyl someday.
Good on you Boron and the Grebes.

From Boron's
myspace: 7" s are $3. contact me at myface, or myspace, or email at elementalboron at yahoo. (help me get a phone number).

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