Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nodzzz at Underground Lounge 2/8/09

(Photo courtesy of Look at me I made a blog)

I missed both of the shows of Friday and Saturday night, but I wasn't about to let the Sunday afternoon Underground Lounge show slip away. Thank god I looked at toddpnyc one last time before I sat down on the couch, assuming it was at like 8PM like a normal show.
I mean really...who sees a show at 2PM? Who wants a beer and some Nodzzz at 2PM? Well I definitely did and everyone from Columbia did too, (if everyone refers to 20 or 30 people jackass - ed). It was a WBUR sponsored show I assumed from the T's lined up on the table in the back.
When I say 'back' I'm talking about literally 10 feet away from the stage. This was like someone's apartment...not less artists more condos, who have like a fucking entire floor of a building....but a real one bedroom apartment. It's kind of cool because it's like the inside of a brick oven, all curved arches above you.
Once I finally jammed my way into the packed room by default...a few of your good friends and this sucker was packed. Nodzzz and Wavves weren't even visible past the rows of tall bastards, so it was pretty much listening only, but for such a back room of a bar venue, the sound was great. The bands were way turned down, I didn't wish I had earplugs...the guitar amps were in front buffered by a bunch of bodies and then the PA speakers were hanging from the ceiling in the back....real perfection...the vocals were loud and clear from the other direction...pretty nice.

The thing with Nodzzz is their listenability...I like challenging noise as much as the next guy, but there is also music I want to listen to...I don't necessarily want to drive guests/my girlfriend away, something that's going to be good in a few years. That's going to stay good because it's not necessarily in the 60's garage scene, or minimal dark synth scene, or balls out punk. It just sounds honest, it's stripped down but too unaware to be trying too hard.
Any band that I can stand there and smile to myself at how ridiculous 'losing my accent' is, well that doesn't happen everyday. Like the Dead Milkmen, somehow they get away with this geek punk...but that's doing them a's punk because it's not trying (?)...oh fuck it....

I appreciate the 'I don't want to smoke...' 7" even more now...that it was sandwiched between two squares of a pizza box.

Here's the Nodzzz set at Underground Lounge. (20Min). One of my best... for an ipod mic.

I think I talked to Eric afterwords, and bought a single he was selling of a friends project...I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it, (brilliant colors...ed) but I'll try to review it next week.
7 inches...making was a beautiful moment.

In between Nodzzz and Wavves I got to witness a pretty bad ass arguement between some dude from I think what must have been the venue and ToddP. It almost came to blows. I think it started with drink tickets or something, and Todd yelling 'Step back, your making me uncomfortable. If you put your hand on me again I will hit you.' The bartender tried to break it up and I'm going to assume the venue guy was just being a dick. You don't organize 3 billion shows and all of a sudden act like a total asshole.

The Wavves part of this show will be Friday's podcast, it's the worth the few days wait. NYCtaper has all three parts of this trilogy from Market Hotel...great quality.

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