Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jacuzzi boys / Woven Bones split on Needless records

Jacuzzi Boys have a new split with Woven Bones on Needless records just announced on Termbo yesterday.
The Jacuzzi boys have been making the rounds of 7 inch friendly labels...Rob's House, then Hozac...this is the very first release for Florida based Needless and they are aligning themselves with a good batch of vinyl single heavyweight labels.

Jacuzzi boys are back with their characteristic mellow, almost quiet delivery...with an acoustic foundation this time. It's almost surprising to hear all the space here in the recording and instrumentation. They leave a lot of space to breath. The more I hear this, the more I'm getting like a Velvet Underground feeling...that far away echo vocals that are barely keeping up with the slide guitar. Maybe it's the tom based low tempo rhythm, or they just really have really nailed this slightly 60's drug pop with a dash of pysch sound.

Woven Bones on the flip are a heavier version of this time warp...the guitar is harder, a real high screechy clipped distortion, almost Ty Segall sounding. There's a lot more effects on the vocals, almost shoegaze in the chorus reverb that has a really sloping decay. Great use of a wah-wah solo...haven't heard that sound used in a while. The bass is somewhere inside all this harsh overdriven treble sound and kind of works complimenting the guitar with this warm rumbly distortion underneath.
It's a great pairing for anyone who is into JB's sound already and looking for more...speaking of more it looks like individual singles by both are in the works in Needless' future.

Both tracks are available to preview at Needless so you can get an idea if the flip side is going to be just as worth it as the Jacuzzi side...or the myspace.

Get it from Needless Records...there may be some clear vinyl 'gold' editions available: (Sorry looks like they are all gone - ed)

Split 7" between Miami Florida's Jacuzzi Boys and Austin Texas' Woven Bones.

Tracks: Jacuzzi Boys' "The Countess" b/w Woven Bones' "Grown Crazy"

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