Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rival Consoles on erased tapes

Completely different direction today with Rival Consoles a digital heavy laptop project of UK's Ryan Lee West.
The track on the A-side 'Helvetica', which I was checking out on his myspace has this simple piano melody with lots of sustain slowly building up to create a foundation for insane Richard James style inhuman drum patterns, all ricochet, ball bearing bouncing ticks. Even at points forcing the hits into something melodic....beats being stretched into ring toned tinny sounds of their own. It's really reminding me of days spent listening to Druqks. It's a little unnerving, un-'danceable', not at all background. Continuing to push the limits of composition technology which I can completely appreciate, however much it usually leads to an uneventfull live show. It's going to end up in the headphones of anyone caring about the experimental side of conceptual electronics

Is it bordering anything near what Aphex Twin is doing? It's skillfully put together but I can't conceive of any new ground this could cover, but it could just be the tip of the iceberg. I'm hearing those same drum attack decay filters that I got plenty of with Rephlex etc. Sure it's probably the best out there with this kind of thing....and shit for 21 this guy is off to an amazing start.
I could always hear the development in albums or even tracks with Richard James, I mean he opened me up to a world I didn't give a shit about, it takes talent to be so good that you literally have to listen to him.

From Erased Tapes and sadly import only:

Rival Consoles is 21-year old IDM-smith Ryan Lee West from Leicester in the Midlands of England. After having supported his city neighbours and label comrades Kyte on an extensive European tour in November 2008, West locked himself away all winter to finish his first full-length album, set to see the light of day in mid 2009. In the meantime fans of his debut ‘The Decadent EP’ will be pleased to hear that TODAY Erased Tapes Records released an exclusive 4-track 7” single / download bundle – Rival Consoles’ take on classical music entitled ’Helvetica’.

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