Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Catholic Comb on Bright Antenna records

Scott from Bright Antenna records sent this in for review a while back and it's been on the turntable for a couple days now.
Based on the myspace, they are very aware of cultivating this serious goth/vampire aesthetic and I'm using 'Goth' very broadly, it's a genre I haven't spent any time with actually, but from my foritive years of listening to the Cure and Bauhaus I can see where this is headed.

A Side: Vampire Life
We'll always be obsessed as a culture with Vampires, it might go away briefly and then resurface as a tv series like True Blood or in books/movies like Twilight, so The Catholic Comb are timely right in line again with this resurgence. An acoustic guitar sets the tone for this fog machine ballad, a slower number about..well what it's like to be a Vampire. It sucks. It's pretty much the saddest existence...except you can bite people and kill them, so there's that, but obviously you won't have any real relationships.
I'm pretty low-fi biased these days and I guess I'd like to hear a little less polish but then again it's going for something like Morrisseys solo stuff recently, vocally centric, with an orchestral arrangement. All coming together in this uber depressive downer.
It's reminding me of the Dresdon Dolls...heavy on the dramatic, with a dose of theatrical.

B Side: The Beauty of Violence
I'm definitely getting a late Cure sensibility here, it's a poppy goth feel, like their dabbling in dance with Mixed up. Throw in a little interpol brooding with the up tempo pop and you have Catholic Combs brand of goth/pop. This one to me sounds like the stronger single, they take the epic moodyness to new heights (lows?). I'm more inclined to go for this when they are playing with the contradiction between the catchy pop guitar instrumentation and the depressing content.

I can see the scene..this would end up on an ipod mix for those sad bastard self depreciating days. Those times when you want to wallow in it, when everything is terrible and there's no use lying to yourself. Catholic Comb comes on, of course it's raining and you walk home again.... alone.

This double sided depression is available from Bright Antenna records or Insound.

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