Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blank Dogs waiting on in the red records

Been hearing about this single and double LP coming out on In the Red for a while and I must have checked the site out a couple times a week. That's the nice thing about an online store, I don't feel like too much of a nut, completely out of control impatient, waiting for the new Blank Dogs. There was some kind of delay....who knows, with the amount of records being pressed these days, it has to be inevitable.

I think for me Blank Dogs can get away with a pretty big range of style and emotion, he hasn't pinned himself down with one effect or vocal style. It can be pretty pop styled or deadpan, but with all the effects used, that adds another layer of anti-emotion, so he has to make up for it somewhere.
It's just pure weird. He has a definitive style. He leaves his mark on everything obviously, but if I were going to make a band come up with a new Blank Dogs album, I have to say there's really nothing I could easily point to, to give them some direction. He's a great creator of simple melody that works, that's one. There has to be a lot of layers, it's low-fi, but not necessarily tape hiss or piling up bouncing tracks. The sounds are clean, but it's a process of adding and adding. Multiple vocals, with a hint of distortion and vibrato.
I will say that there are a lot more live drums on this track, which isn't bothering me, I have to go back and listen if this is the first single with that? Or I just never really noticed before....again it's just one of those things...there is no cut and dry formula for this.

Splitting (the inner label says spitting...oops) really goes nuts again with the glitch darkwave electronics and drum machine. I think he's going for some kind of transition period...easing us into his live drum period, or a less electronic least that's what I got from the live show. He wants to evolve and not get hemmed into a particular home recorded no-fi electronic style. I always wonder if this is the artist, always wanting to evolve? You don't want to do the same things over and over, or is it an evolution because of the success? He realized standing over a laptop wasn't going to work on tour, so recruits a band to learn the material and rock live. That in turn influences what happens the next time he goes to record.
But then again you listen to Splitting, and we're right back where we started with this guy....perfect.

In the red has it and says:
BLANK DOGS: Waiting / Splitting 7" single

To coincide with the new album we are releasing this companion single featuring two songs not found on the album or anywhere else.

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