Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheap Time on in the red

Cheap Time has a new one from In the Red, but don't try to find it there... i don't know if the places I saw it listed even have it for sale yet? It's a bit of a mystery. But the tracks are on their myspace, so I think this actually is available from the places below.

Woodland Drive is really classic punk rock, it's recorded really clean, with all snotty punk chorus vocals. It sounds a little slower tempo for these guys. A song about this street they know. They are just recreating the best part of late 70's punk rock, like the Dictators. Really punchy crafted pop punk. It's purely a good time. I was listening to the Ramones today and they just had that same party unpretentiousness. They weren't super creative just existed to's that pure songwriting that's audience driven...they have to have a good time. It's meant to be performed live.

The B-Side is Penny and Jenny...I swear I heard this when I saw them has this distinctive crazy vocal up and down melody punctuated by guitar chords and snare hits. I love this sound...they just create this out of love for rock...I can see how this came out of Be Your Own Pet. They took a step back to pay homage to all the great pop rock that existed. These two tracks are really cleanly recorded there isn't a hint of distortion in the vocals anywhere. Less garage and more studio...but it makes sense with what they are doing Jay use the shitty room sound if it makes sense for the song, not because you have to.
Anything they put out will get played when you don't know what else to listen to...when you are sick and tired of fighting to understand everything else out there.

From Parasol:
Cheap Time Woodland Drive b/w Penny & Jenny PS, US 2 brand new tracks from Nashville's favorite pop-punk-glam-bubblegum band. Snotty, catchy ditties informed by Sparks, The Quick, Milk 'n' Cookies, & early Kinks. Limited to 1,000 in a handsome, Fontana-esque picture sleeve InTheRed 45 $5.25

and interpunk... has it too.....don't know them, but there it is...

If anyone cares, I'm reviewing the Animal Collective Crackbox vinly side by side in the forums....

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