Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheveu on Born Bad records

Latest Cheveu on Born Bad records...I'm glad Academy had this because I wasn't about to try to ship it from France....looks like SS records announced in yesterday's email they have 25 copies so email jim or something...they aren't on the catalog page yet with paypl buttons...but he's got them.

'Like a deer in headlights' is a really put together, polished, full sounding studio track compared to the experimental anti-pop pieces from the full length. There's plenty more drum machine and synth, but the focus is purely Cheveu melody here. Heavy distorted guitar breaks in about halfway changing the direction of the slow tempo practically dance track. It's sounding to me like early 90's industrial directions...severed heads, killing joke. It's pretty minimal, dark sounding, and purposely devoid of human emotion. But it's a catchy, nearly fun A Side. I keep wanting to hear it.

'C'est ca l'amour' If high school french is good for anything it's got to be Cheveu song titles, I'm pretty sure it's 'That's love'. This side we get a dose of the french in electro punk pop recipe. I can only imagine he's singing about some terrible relationships or irony and then the repeated chorus comes in...that's love... Tell me about it.
This track has a simple picked guitar melody, like goes on for a while and then the drum machine starts in with pipe organ. The vocals are spoken with lots of deep's a little sinister, a little halloween...again I'm in high school failing french and listening to Pigface and Meat Beat Manifesto.
Nice work.

Get it from ss records:

Cheveu Like a Deer in the Headlights 7" (Born Bad) 8
These guys are a great band. I know you know that, but damn, this is not only a good single, it isn't retred. The Cheveus push into some nice merge of Tubeway Army and spy guitar music and Cheveu. The flip is a moody spoken over brooding organ piece. A winner. I only have 25 to
sell. No restock.


  1. Since my local record store doesn't have it, I bought it from Born Bad along with the second new Intelligence record Crepuscule with Pacman. Another French band I'm excited about is the Anteenagers MC who have a new single out on Plastic Idol. Probably don't need to tell you that, I'm guessing it'll get reviewed here shortly.

  2. Toby,
    Thanks, I don't know Anteenagers, I'll have to go check them out. I've been meaning to hear that intelligence new is it?

  3. Fake Surfers is effing amazing, favorite album of the year so far. Crepuscule is good, but seems kind of like outtakes from Fake Surfers.